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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Choosing a supplier should not be complicated...

We are currently looking at working with business partners in order to extend our range of products as well as giving out clients more options when using The PC Surgery as their IT Support company.

What has shocked me is how varied the quality of service is with different suppliers, and that's before we have even spent any money yet!

One backup provider who shall remain nameless but I would point out that they Backup Direct *ahem*, has been appalling. Three times I have tried to speak to someone who can run through ther product range, pricing and reseller structure with me and each time I am told that the reseller expert is on annual leave!!

Imagine calling your IT support company because your server was down only to be told that the expert is on annual leave!? Simply unacceptable.

I suppose in a way they have done me a favour in so much that I would never deal with a company that is so difficult to deal with BEFORE I had spent any money with them.

At The PC Surgery we educate all our staff about all our clients as well as all our services, so whilst the specific expert may well be on holiday, you can be rest assured that you wont have to wait for them to return before your problem is resolved.

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